Lazer Bullets Theory

First off, how does Jar Jar just randomly have the talent to dodge a whole ton of lazer bullets, knowing how "clumsy" he really is? In episode II, he manages to destroy an ENTIRE droid army.. Something's a little fishy about that.
Theory submitted by: Anonymous

Jar Jar is a Clone of The Emperor

They both look dumb.

I mean.. It's not a stretch to say that, and it is known that Palpatine, too, knows how to create life and manipulate midichlorians.. perhaps he did that with Jar Jar?
Images and Theory submitted by: Durza

Yoda is Shrek

Yoda is secretly Shrek and he can control the entire world using the powers of the swamp. With his powers, Jar Jar was birthed out of the swamp, granting himself similar powers that Snoke himself has.

Images and Theory submitted by: Thetruthwillberevealed111


Jar Jar has easily recognizable force powers. In ep 1, he jumps like 20 feet in the air, just as Jedi do. No other gungan is seen to do this, so we can assume that it is a force given ability.
Theory submitted by: Darth Durza

Kylo Ren is Darth Revan reincarnated

Kylo Ren is Darth Revan reincarnated because they both wear masks for no reason, Revan was betrayed by Xer apprintance, so Kylo betrayed his master so he couldn’t be caught in the same fate. They both are very strong in the force and are Sith Lords. They also both lead evil regimes and showed potential to turn good.
Theory submitted by: Alexanderp Greenland


Jar Jar and Snoke Hated By Community

People are saying that Snoke is now one of the most hated characters in the entire saga, claimed as MORE USELESS and MORE HATED than Jar Jar Binks himself. Only Jar Jar can be hated thus far, so Snoke must be Jar Jar. Most defintely though, we at do not think that Snoke, otherwise known as Jar Jar is dead. He is far too powerful to be killed off so easily, he intended it to happen, just like Obi wan did in ANH.
Theory submitted by: Admins